Motodori Packing Cubes – Best for Travel
Packing Cubes with Shoe Bag and Zipper Pulls
Medium Packing Cubes in Red Luggage

Packing Cubes 4pc Set with Bonus Shoe Bag and Extra Zipper Pulls

$39.99 $24.75

  • Lightweight but durable nylon material with white see through mesh to quickly and easily identify contents inside
  • Color Coded so you don’t have to open each one in order to find the items you packed
  • Bonus shoe bag and zipper pulls
  • Best for hotels, cruises, camping, backpacks, carry-on and checked in luggage

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“Everything has its place”.


A perfect saying that describes how Motodori packing cubes can solve your organizational needs. One of the biggest design options that we implemented during development was to make them color coded.  This makes identifying the bag you need quick and easy. The small has red accents around the edges of the mesh, the medium has both green and yellow and the large has blue.


Great for travelers going on a long trip overseas to Europe, Asia, or any other continent. You can also enjoy our packing cube set on shorter trips within the USA such as New York City, San Francisco, Chicago or Orlando. No more worrying about scattering your garments, cords, underwear, socks and other items out of the suitcase or bag just to look for one or two items.


Since our bags are so versatile, you can pack them with virtually hundreds of variations. Included in this set is 1 Large, 2 Medium and 1 Small packing cube. When not in use, you can store all of them within the medium cube for compact storage.


Our large blue bag works great for jackets, pants, and sweaters. The medium cubes fit tshirts, shorts, pajamas, tank tops, etc. The small sized version holds socks, underwear, toiletries, etc. By using our different color accent system, you can simply note that the tshirts and shorts are in the green bag and the pajamas and tank tops are in the yellow.


Often times our customers knew they needed something like this, but didn’t realize that it actually existed. Capable of fitting substantial amounts of clothing in each cube, you won’t have to worry about keeping your travel luggage or backpack clean and organized. Make living out of your suitcase a thing of the past. They are also lightweight, and keep your overall baggage weight to bare minimum.


If you’ve used plastic bags in the past and seen how security tends to rip them apart during a search, that’s why we’ve made these extra durable with the industry’s best YKK zippers.  The nylon material is thin but very strong and still provides excellent protection to help clothes come out wrinkle free. Once you arrive at your destination, simply pull bag out of the suitcase and transport to dresser drawers or closet. No need to unpack many items as the cubes have allow for organization even at your destination.


There is never a time when we travel and don’t bring a pair of extra shoes. But storing these inside our luggage with clean clothes is unsanitary. Imagine for a moment all the places the bottoms of shoes go. The bonus shoe bag we provide with our value set is of good size, enough to fit a pair of shoes or short boots and a pair of sandals or flip flops as well. The shoe bag is washable as well, so if you’d like to use it as a dirty clothes bag, it can easily be used in such a manner.


We also added another bonus to this value set. We’ve included four additional zipper pulls. Extra zipper pulls like this are typically packaged and sold by themselves for around $8. Of course, you can use these as replacements, but they also work great on jackets, gym bags, backpacks, cameras and other carrying cases, duffel bags, and more.


Many of our customers have found our set extremely useful on cruises, camping, at hotels, bed and breakfasts, the gym, diaper bags, around the home, rv, cabins and more. But really, the opportunities and applications are endless. Buy a set or two as a gift for a friend or try them out for your next trip by clicking the “Buy Product” button above.

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